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#cityjobbers in Barcelona: Celebrating Catalan Christmas Traditions

catalan christmas traditions

#cityjobbers in Barcelona: Celebrating Catalan Christmas Traditions

Explore the weirdest Catalan traditions

As Christmas celebrations become increasingly globalised, for us it is important to preserve the unique practices that define the different nations. Living and working in Barcelona, discover how to experience your beloved city at this special time of the year like a local. Catalan culture can be better understood through its Christmas rituals. We take you away from the stresses of work and everyday life with some magical traditions. Here’s everything you need to know about spending Christmas in Barcelona.


Living in Barcelona: enjoy the strangest Catalan Christmas Traditions

Caganer and caga tió are two very special Catalan Christmas traditions that are often misunderstood. If this is your first Christmas living in Barcelona you will get surprised with these peculiar rituals. What is the caganer? Believe it or not, we are talking about a pooping man that is a main Christmas character in Barcelona. This miniature is part of the local nativity: a little porcelain figure of a man, squatting down. Of course, caganer is a favourite of the kids, who love exploring the Christmas nativity scene, trying to find the pooping man, normally hidden among the more conventional nativity scene characters. Please notice that the caganer is not meant to be disrespectful to any religion: It is a sign of good-luck. His poo fertilises the land and provides a good harvest for the year to come. It has been around since the 18th/19th century and today, it is simply a bit of fun. 


Historically, Catalonia has been affiliated with the Roman Catholic Church, but many local traditions have been weaved into the Christmas celebrations. Now it’s time to meet the curious caga tió. It’s a wooden log with a smiley face that wears an authentic Catalan red hat and is like the local equivalent of Santa Clause. However, caga tió does not come down the chimney: he poops presents. The bizarre custom says that you have to beat caga tió with a stick to make him poop gifts. Kids have to take care of it from the 8th of December till Christmas Eve, covering his rear end with a blanket to keep him warm. 


If you are an expat working in Barcelona, you will quickly fall in love with Catalan traditions. If you already have your caga tió don’t forget to feed him with turrón (typical sweets of the Christmas season) and orange peel every evening. The more you feed him, the more Christmas presents he will poop. By the way, if you are a frenchy in Barcelona looking for a job in your native language, we need you! We are in search of French-speakers to work from call center Barcelona in a multicultural team. Apply now in one step and get a French-speaking Sales Representative Job today. We also have new job offers for Dutch-speakers. Check our dutch jobs Barcelona and find your opportunity. 


Feel the Christmas atmosphere

The Christmas season is one of the nicest moments to be in Barcelona and feel its festive cheer. This is one of the most important celebrations of the year in Spain, with many uniquely Catalan traditions like the caganer and the caga tió. For many Catalan families, the main event is on January 6  (Dia de Reyes) which is when children receive gifts. The evening of January 5 is when the Three Wise Kings arrive in Barcelona with a great procession known as cabalgata.

Yes, Christmas shopping can be stressful, but doing it in beautiful Barcelona takes the problems away. These days, Paseo de Gracia, Portal de l’Àngel and the narrow streets of the Gothic Quarter are fully decorated with lights. If you miss German markets, go to the Fira de Santa Llúcia (celebrated since 1786), located in front of Barcelona Cathedral and you will get everything you want to decorate your home as well as handmade caganer and caga tió. In fact, if you are looking for jobs in Barcelona for germans, browse our Barcelona job offers in your native language. If you are in sunny Barcelona and you are eager for success, this is exactly the right opportunity for you: German-speaking Sales Representative Job. We offer you an exciting role where the action is: join a team of adventurous people from over 29 nationalities working from call center Barcelona. Are you the proactive hunter that we are looking for? Chase this opportunity and apply now. Merry Christmas and festive job search!

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