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Creating original content will boost your online visibility and help you gain more credibility. Making unique content can be difficult but the results are massive.
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Why is creating original content important?

Why is creating original content important to attract candidates

Why is creating original content important?

How can original content to catch the attention of potential candidates?


Original content is defined as content that has never been posted in that way before. It can also be about a topic that has already been published as long as it’s written from a different point of view. 

There are literally billions of websites on the internet full of content. So how does one stand out in the crowd?


Why is original content important?


Creating relevant and original content is crucial to reach a greater audience. In such a competitive world of digital content, staying relevant can be difficult if you just do what everyone else is doing.  

If you want people to pay attention to what you are making, you need to show them things that they haven’t seen before. Things that are fresh and experimental are more likely to catch someone’s attention.


SEO positioning will improve 


If your content is the same as other then Google won’t understand how to position your page. If you can create original, high quality articles that are focused on what your target group is looking for then you will rank higher on search results.

Interesting and informative articles will boost your online visibility. By consistently creating original content then Google or other search engines will begin to see that what you offer is of high value and your SEO results will improve.


Better engagement


If you offer new information then you’ll have a better chance of getting more shares, mentions, and comments on social media.

Unique content has become rare to find and people are more likely to read well written articles about subjects that are actually important to them. Meeting the needs of your target audience will massively help your engagement.


Site traffic will increase


Through higher SEO rankings and more engagement on social media, this will translate into an increased number of visitors to your site.  Using specific phrases and even real life examples is also recommended to reach your target audience and help them find your content.

If people feel connected and represented then they will return to your site to consume more of your content.


Readers value originality


When users see that your content is different it’s more likely to make them spend more time on the site. If you offer content that solves people’s problems and answers their questions, you’ll show that you understand them and their needs.

This will lead to them trusting you which will result in them sharing your content and they’ll return to your site or social media.


Increase credibility


When you create original material, this shows your knowledge on the subject and therefore,  shows your audience that you actually know what you’re doing and they can assume that you’ll offer a quality service.  

This helps make you come out as a leader in your industry. If you just recycle the same information as others, then it seems like you just know the same as everyone else. However, with original content then you think outside the box, you are showing your authority in your sector.


How to make original content


Unique ideas can be hard to come up with.  Here are some tips that can help:

              • Direct content towards your target audience.
              • Try to create content that no one else in your industry is focusing on.
              • Try writing different perspectives or opinions of content that already exists.
              • Use software that will rewrite and improve the originality of your content.
              • Check for plagiarism with tools online.
              • Make it unique and entertaining.
              • Do thorough research.  
              • Add your original ideas.  
              • Use multimedia elements to make your work stand out.
              • Research keywords frequently.



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