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Deliver solutions and improve user experience, this is what more and more companies are looking for in the role of UX UI designers. But what exactly is this job and what does it entail?
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What is a UX UI designer?

What is a UX-UI Designer?

What is a UX UI designer?

Jobs in high demand: UX-UI Designer


All products and services are bound by the user experience. If consumers don’t enjoy the way something looks and works then they are not going to continue using it.

This is where technology and design come into play. UX UI designers work to create aesthetically pleasing designs that work effectively but are accessible to all users.


What does a UX UI designer do? 


A UX UI designer is a role made up of two parts: UX (user experience) which involves creating an app or service that is user-friendly and accessible and UI (user interface) which is related to more creative aspects, such as  designing a company with attractive color and an aesthetic that users would enjoy.

Both elements are crucial to making a proper brand and go hand in hand. UI designs the appearance of what is used (an app or product) while UX relates to how the experience feels (if it is accessible and easy to use).


Is a UX designer the same as a UI designer? 


UX starts the process and includes creating prototypes, user tests and is supposed to reach a user’s expectations. After that, then the UI can begin to create interfaces with aesthetically-pleasing design. This job also includes creating color palettes that are appealing to users.  

The UX element makes sure someone can use the app or product easily that will retain users and the UI component focuses on creating a brand look that can attract consumers.


Does UI UX involve coding? 


UI UX design doesn’t require coding however, it would be in their best interest to learn at least the basics of it to make their lives easier and have more job opportunities. It allows for better communication with developers and would allow for higher quality designs.


What skills do UI UX designers need?


This role includes a range of different abilities including both personal and professional skills. Proficiency in design software, such as Adobe XD, InVision, Figma or Sketch, is important but communication skills are crucial in this role as well. Design decisions have to be explained in detail and justified.

Also, UI UX designers have to send designs to developers and effectively explain the function of each component.  

UI UX designers need to be able to collaborate and work well with others. This involves being able to come up with solutions in a group and also listening to peers. Creative criticism and direction is something that these designers have to get used to hearing and following to reach the team’s goal.  

Making designs that are inclusive and accessible to all is at the heart of UI UX design. People who choose to work in this field must be empathetic in order to create interfaces and designs that make life easier for users.  

This career requires a strong understanding of basic design principles like user interface design patterns, typography, rhythm, visual hierarchy, and color theory, among others. An eye for aesthetics and attention to detail is a key for success in this role.


Possible UI UX responsibilities


              • Create prototypes of ideas using programs like Invision, Figma and Maze.
              • Use a usability hub to test designs and user experience.
              • Design and present proposals to company teams and key stakeholders.
              • Edit designs to match evaluations from product managers.
              • Work with developers to make the development process simpler and more efficient.
              • Produce designs that match clients’ wishes with the expected user interface (generally including a search box, navigation menus and possible widgets).  
              • Create specific designs, sitemaps, mockups, and wireframes for team projects.
              • Define and improve style guides Use client feedback and metrics to enhance designs.
              • Troubleshooting responsiveness and user experience issues.
              • Review designs once they have been developed and implemented.
              • Collaborate with product, engineering, commercial and management teams.


How do I become a UI UX designer? 


Many universities offer UI UX Design studies, however there are many training courses online along with many resources full of content about this field.  

There are courses that are more basic, others are more in depth and can allow you to build a career in UI UX design. Participating in an online UI UX bootcamp can give you real training while also being flexible to your schedule.  

Google offers a 6 month course where you can learn about the design process, how to apply UX concepts, how to create a professional portfolio and more.  

Testing your abilities is important to improve. Volunteering to be a designer for local businesses or non-profit organizations can help you earn more experience and in turn, add more material to your portfolio.



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