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The most wanted positions of the new normal

The most wanted positions of the new normal

Most in demand jobs after Coronavirus

The Coronavirus effect

The COVID-19 lockdown has changed the labour market almost overnight. The global outbreak has seriously impacted the economy and job offers. Within crisis are the seeds of opportunity, so there will be sectors, companies and employees that may benefit.

“When written in Chinese, the word ‘crisis’ is composed of two characters. One represents danger and the other represents opportunity”. John F. Kennedy quote seems more accurate than ever. If you want to be one of those candidates and not have difficulties finding a new job during the Coronavirus situation, read on to get a career advice about your next move. Here are hiring trends and most wanted positions. How is going to be the job market after Covid 19.

Work for IT Projects

Economists believe that the coronavirus outbreak and #stayathome orders are exacerbating new ways of consumption that were already unfolding, including the transition to shopping online rather than in stores. Big winners will be the digital companies that do not rely upon retail and brick locations. This means that the labour market will include a vast category of computer support jobs, with position types like software engineers, auditors, cyber security experts, data analytics professionals and IT Account Managers all remain in high demand, offering competitive salaries and benefits. 

In fact, if you are focused on driving profitability through proactive management and you have a passion for the digital world, we are looking for you! This is your chance to work for a new IT project, assisting local entrepreneurs in understanding how to harness the power of the Internet. Catch this hot job for German-speakers, move to sunny Barcelona and help small and medium businesses to grow online.

Giant global corporations like Google Ads, Microsoft  and Netflix are hiring due to overwhelming demand. Want to join their success? Browse ours latest jobs at the greatest digital global companies and go for the one that matches your skills and expectations.

3 industries that are still hiring in the midst of Coronavirus

One thing is certain: there are companies increasing their need for employees. This is a perfect time to make a career switch to these businesses and industries:

  • Healthcare

The influx in health as a priority sent health companies into a new wave of needed support. Here are is a company who just added some openings: Insulet, the #1 in medical innovation devices. Take this new career opportunities at this fast-growing company in Lisbon for dutch-speakers. 

  • Supermarkets

The shopping markets quickly moved from the unavoidable to-do list to the only outing during the quarantine. Food providers and supermarket chains are in search of support to manage supply chain logistics, handle public relations, and software development. The Wholesale & Food Specialist Company is present in 25 countries with more than 750 store points and 100,000 employees. Join the Dutch Customer Care Team in Lisbon and gain valuable experience working abroad.

  •  Financial services

Those working in Fintech are going to continue to enjoy a robust job market. In fact, our Top Job of the week is Work for the largest financial service provider in sunny Lisbon. If you have native level German and you like the exciting financial world, this is your chance to enter the market, working for a leading provider #wearehiring We offer you a great position with international environment and career progression working for one of the largest supplier of card solutions and programs.  

Become a Customer Service Specialist

Jus as the economy will take some time to recover, so will consumer confidence. Customer service jobs are essential: clients need more information in this context. New online advisor roles may replace the retail. This is a chance too for remote positions. Experts say that home office is here to stay. Telework will continue besides the quarantine and is a good idea to mix it with your customer service skills. For example, if you have experience working at a hotel, you can make a transition to online customer support. Call centers and e-commerce are hiring feverishly to take advantage of a world shifting to digital. Here is a job offer for online chat advisor. If you like helping people, you have empathy and you are a good listener, this is your next job in your native language. 

Spend some time searching for positions that fit within your core talent. Be holistic on your job search and look beyond to see which role can grow your skills. Craft your CV, “write” a job winning video-cover-letter and hit the new labour market #cityjobber.

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