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#InternationalMountainDay: The best view comes after the hardest climb

#InternationalMountainDay: The best view comes after the hardest climb

3 lessons from the natural world to your professional life

Nature can provide practical lessons. It can give us answers to challenges that we are facing. On #InternationalMountainDay we celebrate Barcelona’s beautiful outdoors and the power of nature. We show you how to experience the nearest mountains and why every moment we spend in nature is an opportunity to make discoveries. Nature is a wise teacher, and if you pay attention to all it has to tell us you can transform a simple hiking into an essential lesson. 


Nature can have a huge impact on your own life. It all starts with having an attitude that aligns with your personal interests and career progression. If you are a #cityjobber living in Barcelona, you are lucky: mountains are part of your daily landscape. Get the best of it! Simply being surrounded by green and birds has beneficial effects for the mind and body. What if you explore forests in a more intentional way? Read on to discover job skills that you can develop by having adventures outside. Get inspired by nature and learn how to think more clearly, enhance your awareness and achieve professional success. Today we want to share with you our passion for nature! And our favourite trails in and around Barcelona. 


1. Stay present and curious in your job

Don’t let the modern world make you lose your innate naturalist intelligence, that helps you to increase your observation. Nature is possibly the world’s best teacher of how to be truly present and have awareness in your day to day at the office. Most people underestimate the importance of seeing, hearing and observation skills. Are you connected to the ability of consciously using sensory awareness to make observations? This point is basic if you struggle with focus and attention, and you can change that in your new job. Transform your mental clarity by watching and listening carefully. For example, if you are living and working in Barcelona, this Saturday head to Parc Guinardó, walk until you find a panoramic point with sea view and after that, all you have to do is sit quietly and observe your surroundings. Use your senses, you’ll find yourself being less absorbed with what’s happening in your head. Look at plants and trees, listen to bird sounds. During the week, your best after-work in Barcelona can be to walk the Bunkers del Carmel and enjoy the sunset. For a long time, this place has been the coolest kept secret, visited only by locals and expats in the know. 


Being surrounded by mountains, you’ll notice that your ability to focus improves.

Nature teaches focus by first quieting your mind of distractions, and then sharpening your attention. This creates a great balance between stretching your senses and also honing your focus on specific things that make you curious. This is a natural state of meditation. Take time to feel the sunshine and the breeze on your skin. As you center yourself in the 5 senses, you’ll naturally drop into a much quieter state of mind. Are you looking for a job in Barcelona? Keeping mentally calm and emotionally peaceful will help your job search. Now that you are relaxed, it is a good moment to browse our job offers and find your opportunity. Are you a frenchy in Barcelona and you are eager for success? We are in search of French-speakers to work from Barcelona call center in a multicultural team of adventurous people from over 29 nationalities. Apply now and get a Sales Job in your native language today!


2. Authenticity: Go for your dream job

Don’t wait to get a job in Barcelona in your native language. What’s your true passion? If you like to interact with people remotely, consider working in Customer Service. As a German-speaking Customer Advisor, you will offer assistance and information to clients in your native language. Does the prospect of helping consumers while you work for a top company excite you? Great! Apply in one step. We offer you an excellent position with an international environment in sunny Barcelona. We want to inspire your passion for people with our Customer Advisor jobs in Barcelona for Germans. Career progression, global perspective and more than 250 days of sun throughout the year with an average of 24 ºC are guaranteed. 


Authenticity is one of the big secrets to success in your career. Nature gives you the chance to be alone with yourself in a truly non-judgemental environment. Do you choose your goals based on what other people or society want? Listen to what’s truly in your heart. The right goal for one person, is not right for another. Get in touch with your unique professional path. Nature helps you build authentic self awareness because it doesn’t try to change who you are or influence your decisions. Nature doesn’t pretend to be something it’s not. There’s no judgement. Just  freedom to be yourself as you are. Our suggestion? Spend lots of time in Barcelona’s mountains! Tibidabo dominates the city’s skyline when you look to the west and it’s the most famous of Barcelona’s nine surrounding hills. The walk to the top of Tibidabo takes you through wooded areas and offers spectacular views of Barcelona. Immersing your senses in nature is an opportunity to go off attachments and clear out your mind.

3. Self Acceptance: Don’t get discouraged if you are not getting shortlisted for jobs 

The calm and clarity found outside means there’s also less inner conflict, mental distractions and negative emotions draining on your energy. How to move on when you didn’t land the job? It’s not the end of the world, it’s an opportunity to learn more about yourself and the job search process and improve. It’s true, no matter what stage you’ve reached in the selection process, being turned down for a role you really wanted is never fun, but don’t miss your confidence. If you feel vulnerable and disappointed after receiving a “no” from the recruitment agency, that attitude can also hold you back from future chances. If you’re stuck in a rejection, a way to feel better and kick your job search back into gear, is to recognize your strengths to succeed in the face of challenges and difficult times. 

Go outside to live a very freeing experience in nature. Carretera de les Aigues is one of the most famous routes for walkers and cyclists in Barcelona, with incredible panoramas of the city and 10km trail. This hiking exercise can shift you from failure to excitement. Nature doesn’t hurry. Everything has a purpose. It’s a hard fact that you’re not going to land every job you apply for. Remember that it’s part of the process of getting a job in Spain. The harder something battles, the stronger it becomes. Did you know that the oldest organism on Earth is the bristlecone pine, which can live over 5000 years? It grows near treeline in the harsh alpine environments, with extreme conditions. The lesson? Struggle isn’t a bad thing; it’s the basis of vitality. Actually, if you are a German-speaker looking for jobs in Barcelona, we have plenty of job offers for you. Are you the proactive hunter that we are looking for? This is your new Sales Representative job in Barcelona. If you are looking for a motivational position and to join an international team, apply now and get your lifetime opportunity.  Remember that the best view comes after the hardest climb.

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