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How to maintain a healthy work-life balance

how to keep a healthy wok-life balance

How to maintain a healthy work-life balance

Move to the sunshine and join the wellness trend!

Work plays a significant part in all our lives. As we are increasingly more connected through technology and social media (and we are also working from home), it is becoming more difficult to split work from personal lives. This post is about separating your personal and professional lives without allowing one to encroach upon the other. Both are important. 


As the old adage says: healthy body, healthy mind. A great way to maintain your mental health is to ensure that you are physically feeling well too. In this pandemic context, living a healthy lifestyle is more important than ever. At the same time, it is no easy task to achieve work-life balance in today’s unpredictable world. Here are some tips. 


  1. Look for best employers with dynamic Job offers

Companies with a reputation for encouraging work-life balance have become very attractive, especially to call and retain young workers. A relaxed corporate culture is one of the qualities that most  candidates value in new employers. 


These days, many businesses are focussing on work-life balance to create a valuable in-house talent-pool. If you are interested in a position with fantastic benefits package, work for Google Ads as a Marketing Customer Advisor in Lisbon. This is your new job if you have Native level Dutch and you like online advertising. It comes with initial training (including Google Ads certification), real career progression and opportunities for continuous learning. You will also get free Portuguese lessons, outdoors activities after work and other wellbeing support. 


  1. More mindfulness 

When we sustain a healthy work-life balance, we develop better control over our focus: this is mindfulness. This will improve your productivity. By encouraging employers to have a healthy work-life balance, companies create an environment where everyone is dedicated to the task at hand. A positive way of life leads to amazing results. Get some real sleep, eat healthy and do exercise. 


  1. Less overdoing

Don’t shy away from taking some personal time off and always take your breaks. Studies reveal that those who keep a steady work-life balance are much more productive. Do not forget about your private life, relations and hobbies. If your whole life revolves around work, you lose other dimensions that make you attractive to employers. Having interests outside of work will increase your skills and make you more rounded and interesting colleague. 


  1. Think about a relocation job

There are some cities that are famous for their good quality of life. Lisbon is a great place to work and to live: it’s a cosmopolitan and sustainable city, rich in culture, history and diversity with new job offers. Join Insulet and start your international experience in sunny Portugal. We offer you New Career Opportunities at this fast-growing company in Lisbon.


Still in Portugal, Porto is algo a great relocation destination, a cosmopolitan city where the ancient meets the contemporary. It’s a source of inspiration that buzzes with a special energy and an appetite for all the good things in life. We are in search of  Dutch-speaking Customer Advisor for Wish in Porto. Catch this job offer and work for the leading online store.


If you prefer sunny Barcelona, you are not alone. Many expats choose to move to Barcelona. Did you know that Barcelona is the 5th most innovative city in Europe?

It brings together innovators, young professionals, multicultural talents and entrepreneurs from all over the globe. This is the perfect framework for digital companies, disruptive businesses, international investments and career possibilities with big companies. Everything happens by the Mediterranean sea. Do you have a love for new technologies? Apply to this Technical Support Job in Barcelona for French-speakers. 


You only get one life, so live it to the fullest.  Whatever your dream job means to you, go for it 🙂


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