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How to develop your personal brand and why it matters for your job search

3 ways to use Personal Branding to be more hirable

How to develop your personal brand and why it matters for your job search

3 ways to use Personal Branding to be more hirable

On International Marketing Day, let’s talk about branding yourself. Personal branding is what demonstrates that you are the only one for the job. It’s what makes you more hireable and different from other candidates. That’s why it’s so important to make sure you’re crafting a creative and consistent personal brand across your CV, your application and your Social Media. Everything is going online. Recruitment too. The world will never be the same after Coronavirus, and neither will be job hunting. Stand out on the new e-job market with these tips. Here is how to be more likeable for recruiters. 


Personal branding tips for job seekers

International Marketing Day is an initiative of the Club de Marketing Málaga, an institution founded in 2007 that promotes that marketing is a way to achieve economic development, improving the competitiveness of companies and markets. If we think about the job market, it’s the same: you can enrich your job search with self-branding. Stand out on the job competition with personal branding. 


Do you work on your personal brand? It is the best strategy to beat the selection process. There is too much noise out there, in the job market, to be too conservative. Create your original personal brand to get noticed. Listen up how to brand yourself for recruiters and employers on this post. Firstly, analyze your interests, your assets, your goals, your ambitions. Define how you are different from the rest of candidates applying for the same job. Find your professional style to enhance your job search. Show your promise. Communicate effectively that you have the best skill set to meet the expectations for the role you apply for. For example, if you are dreaming about a Social Media Jobs in Lisbon, you need to understand what you are expected to do. Make it to the shortlist with these steps.


Create your professional image

Build your personal brand identity. Find your unique value proposition. Identify yourself as a virtual candidate. This statement is a brief introduction to a recruiter that exposes your unique skills, add how you used them in your working experiences. This summary tells who you are as a professional, so it should be included in your social media bios. Describe yourself. Why recruiters should pay attention to you and why companies should seek your professional services. Don’t forget to talk specifically about what you offer.


This “about me” section must be the same across all platforms for consistency. It’s about building your credibility. Your online persona might suit a Lisbon Job Offer, but ensure that fit is also told in your CV. Looking for a job takes curating your online presence. Personal branding allows you to tailor a cohesive version of yourself and demonstrate your value to a company. Remember: it must be authentic. This is not selling. Think about your competitive differentiation. 


What kind of job are you looking for? Determine the best brand name that will get you to your dream job. Choose something you will be happy to spend hours doing every day. For example, If you are seeking to enter the financial market, you should underline that you are a highly numerate and well-organised person who is looking for a first role in the bank industry. Does it sound like you? Great! We are looking for a Financial Sales Advisor with French based in Lisbon. Apply here and start working for a fast-growing credit web platform in sunny Portugal.


If you are looking for a job in Customer Service, be sure that your online presence shows that you have great communication skills, coupled with a formal and diplomatic stance. Apply for this offre emploi Lisbonne and start working as a French-speaking Email Advisor for a leading online bank with friendly customer care teams and international environment. We also have Customer Service Jobs for German-speakers and Dutch-speakers in Barcelona. Including more technical positions like Tech Support


Network & Update

Once you have an impressive personal brand across your social media, you want others to see it. Connect with people and groups who focus on your fields, industry and experience. Network with colleagues and like minded people. Follow related hashtags to earn followers. 

Feed your profiles with relevant content. Update your accounts to include upcoming projects, studies, webinars or accomplishments. Post on all your platforms. Do not be afraid to show your hobbies, always in a professional way. Communicate that you are a real person, someone whom your future colleagues or employees would like to be around all day. It’s a chance to show your personality. Be active on Social Media. Check the performance of your posts, your name on Google search and our Job Offers!

And of course, Send us your CV to Have a happy Marketing Day. 


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