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How to Develop a More Inclusive Mindset

How to Develop a More Inclusive Mindset

How to Develop a More Inclusive Mindset

What’s an inclusive mindset and why is important in the workplace?

Today we work in a world that requires multiple perspectives for good decision-making, innovation and meeting diverse needs. When the job environment is focused on collaboration, team members naturally feel a part of something bigger than themselves. Inclusive Organizations can attract, recruit, engage and retain diverse talent. Here are some practices for being more inclusive. Cultivate diversity in your job with these simple actions that boost your team-player skills. 


Identify yourself with the company mission and with your role

Do you feel a part of the company mission? The more compelling and exciting the mission, the easier it is to inspire team members to be part of what your employer aspires to accomplish. If you are given a clear and motivational cause, you naturally become as passionate about objectives as your leaders. The first step to build up a cooperative job atmosphere is to have really clear what’s the vision and purpose of the company. This is the best way to transition to an inclusive mindset that calls each employee for active participation. When you have a pure understanding of your position, you will work more effectively. For example, if you are applying for a role in Technical Support, notice that at your new job your responsibility will be to solve consumer’s doubts and general inquiries, creating long-lasting relationships with clients through product support. So if you are in Lisbon and you speak Dutch, we have a job offer for you. We are in search of native Dutch-speakers to provide quality troubleshooting for the best Search Engine in the world. If you like interacting with people remotely apply here and get a job in your native language to empower your technical skills.


When each person on the team is included in as many large decisions as possible, every employee feels the importance of its role. You will naturally perform better if you know the significance of your position. Show genuine commitment. 


Foster cohesion between team members

To be a more effective team-player, concentrate on your objectives for the day to avoid duplication of effort and competition between colleagues. If everyone is on the same playbook, team members can redirect their contribution as needed. Cohesive teams are more successful. Great team players strive for excellence and are flexible to tackle challenges without stress. Get involved. Don’t stay in the shadows. Be reliable and responsible. Always be ready to help, even if that task it is not in your job description. For example, if a member of your Customer Service team is having trouble with a CRM tool that is easy for you, offer to sit down to share what you know about it. 


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Maximize the mix 

It is important to become self-aware of how you treat your colleagues. Support and respect others. An ideal team player knows how to have fun, but will never do it at someone else’s expense. You wouldn’t want to shut someone from your team out, or laugh at other people’s ideas. The power of diverse perspectives in team discussions is crucial. As humans, we want to be included in decisions that impact us, our teams and our organizations, but often, we leave out integral people. Intentional or not.


Research demonstrates that  organizations with diverse representation and inclusive practices perform better.  According to a recent study made by The Wall Street Journal, the 20 most diverse companies not only have better operating results: their shares generally outperform those of the least-diverse firms. 


Companies that understand the value of diversity can simply translate it into an inclusive corporate culture. It’s not just about hiring more outwardly diverse people: diversity must be a management initiative that is operationalized across the business to change the company’s approach on multiple levels. Our recruiters work hard to build smarter teams by capturing the measurable benefits of diverse voices. Don’t’ miss our jobs in Barcelona and jobs in Lisbon for Germans. This is the job of the week: Google Ads Agency Builder based in Lisbon. Are you passionate about the web and love to share your knowledge of new technologies? If you are technically gifted and you have experience in Sales, this is your dream job. We are in search of German-speakers based in Lisbon to work for the best Search Engine in the world. Apply now and enter the online market with this job offer at the leader in digital ads!


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