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How to boost your mental Wellness at wok

mental wellbeing

How to boost your mental Wellness at wok

5 steps to mental Wellbeing

Do you take care of your mental Wellbeing? Worry and stress are normal responses to the unknown. So it is understandable to experience fear in the context of COVID-19 pandemic. #WorldMentalHealthDay is an opportunity to become aware. Look after your mental wellbeing with our tips! Fortunately, there are lots of things that we can do to take care and to assist others who may need some extra support. Mental Wellness will help you keep focused, motivated, productive, and present. Listen up and find 5 steps to mental Wellbeing!


1. Work for careful companies

Do your leaders care about your mental Wellness? More and more companies are instituting wellbeing programs to work with mental wellbeing on a daily basis. Corporate Mental Wellbeing is the latest trend of the new normal. These kinds of policies usually care about subjects like stress, anxiety and confidence through workshops, training and coaching. Are you looking for a job? In your job hunting, consider great companies that help employers to constantly think and feel better, for their life at work and home.


2. Practice Mind Gym

Going out of mind at work? If your mental Wellness has been affected as a consequence of the Covid-19 pandemic, you are not alone. During these uncertain times, we all face difficult and challenging situations that cause us to feel worried, angry, sad, or overwhelmed. Mental Wellbeing is keeping a positive state of mind. It’s about your thoughts and feelings and how you cope with the ups and downs of everyday life. Stress is very expensive, both for the worker and the business. It’s better to boost corporate mental Wellbeing. Even more for companies that are willing to catch and retain millennials. Start by identifying and managing mental Wellness difficulties. You will have a renewed sense of self awareness and be armed with the tools for dealing with difficult situations at work. 


3. Maximise productivity and presence at work

Mental Wellbeing is not the same thing as mental health, although they can influence each other. Please note that mental wellbeing is not the absence of negative thoughts and feelings. Instead, it’s being able to understand and manage those feelings and thoughts at work or in your career. Stay calm when things change: it’s at difficult times that our level of resilience comes into play. This is your ability to get through fluctuation and adversity. By strengthening your resilience, you’d better be able to maintain good mental Wellbeing through tense situations at work. Keep your mind in order and functioning in your best interest. Engage in productive work. If you are in control of your behaviour you can handle challenges. Stay tuned! Pay attention to your own needs and feelings. Express your thoughts at work. 


4. Build and maintain positive working relationships

Are you a happy employee? The truth is that companies are in search of more energetic and enthusiastic candidates to join dynamic and motivated teams. While physical Wellness programs are common, mental health Wellness programs are rare, but increasing in the pandemic context. We are here to help with that: this post will guide you to the best practices in mental wellbeing. If you are a team player, you already understand the importance of building an open and fun working environment. Browse our job offers with inspiring benefits for employers like free Portuguese courses, training allowance, sport classes and much more after-work activities that are essential to maintain a healthy lifestyle and work-life balance. Good vibes and empathy are key. Collaborate with your colleagues at work to create a relaxing atmosphere that respects the importance of workplace mental Wellness. Improve levels of energy and get motivated. Get more enjoyment out of work!


5. Optimise decision making and solving skills

Feel confident in yourself. Have a sense of purpose. Communicate effectively. Sustaining mental Wellness requires time and effort. The more you invest in it, the stronger it will become. Achieving good mental health enables you to realise your own abilities and weaknesses: accept them, build on them, and do the best with what you have. Work towards your objectives. Do you assume the worst and remain open to new opportunities? What about a relocation job? Learn to be at peace with yourself in your new job. Embrace a positive mind-set. 


Last but not least, take balanced meals at work. Exercising regularly after a hard day of work is a must to support work-life balance. If you are working in a fast-paced environment, learn the art of relaxation. Goals are as important, but vacations and breaks are mandatory too. Painting, singing, photography, and walking in nature can bring peaceful distractions.


If you train your body, why not your mind? As part of our commitment to sharing relevant insights into the recruitment sector, this post aims to enhance Wellbeing among corporate culture. At City Job Offers, as a recruitment agency, we work for all members of our #cityjobbers community to live healthy and fulfilled lives. 

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