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Expat trend: the work and travel year is replacing the gap year

The work and travel year is replacing the gap year

Expat trend: the work and travel year is replacing the gap year

Why Generation Z is choosing to work overseas


While older generations may have saved traveling for tomorrow due to the pandemic context, centennials accepted that they might not have that guarantee in the near future so instead of canceling the traditional gap year they found a new way of traveling: they are moving abroad for work. Join the Expat trend!  If the world is your office, discover how to work and travel overseas with our relocation job offers in your native language. 

Live and work without borders

Centennials are fast becoming the most important workforce segment in the new global job market. At City Job Offers we are recruiting Generation Z candidates like you that are applying for relocation jobs. Observing the patterns and behaviours of centennials have suggested that learning a trade, speaking a new language and having a relevant international work experience are becoming more important for them.  

The gap year is an extensive travel habit also known as a sabbatical year or a long break before or after college/university. During this international episode, students are usually engaged in educational and developmental activities, apart from travelling. In this pandemic context, centennials are not intimidated by the prospect of moving for a job. They are adding some type of regular work to the travel experience overseas. If you like this idea of spending a season in sunny Lisbon or Mediterranean Barcelona, apply for our relocation programs. You will achieve personal and professional growth with this incredible opportunity of getting a job in Portugal or finding a job in Spain. Choose your work and travel destination and say hi to your new adventure!

Work and travel Lissabon

Finding jobs in Portugal is really easy at our e-recruitment agency. You will be moving abroad in less than one month! Be part of the global call center Lisbon and work in a diverse environment with people from over 15 nationalities. You will be inspired by a multicultural environment that fosters your communications skills. With the relocation package you also enjoy free Portuguese classes and discounts in local businesses. Please note that #cityjobbers coming from abroad to work in Lisbon are offered shared accommodation in a company apartment specially designed for Anti-Covid19 measures as well as flight reimbursement from your hometown within Europe. Your future workplace is a riverside office with modern amenities and on-site doctor. Depending on your future position, you will have the possibility to do work from Home during COVID-19 contingency plan.  


As part of your welcome pack, you will receive full training to learn all the lodging concepts and inner workings of the project. Interested in languages? Great! Move to Lisbon and learn Portuguese. You don’t need to speak the local language as you can work in your mother tongue and many locals speak English. In fact, if you are in search of jobs in Portugal for German speakers, browse our job offers and apply for the one that you like. We have new vacancies in Customer Service, Technical Support and Online Marketing

If your only thought is “I want to go to lisbon”, let’s make it real. Prepare yourself for a safe career journey to Lisbon with our relocation guide. We are sure: you will love living in lisbon. 

Work and travel Barcelona

If your dream is living in Barcelona for a season, head to our #cityjobbers testimonies to get inspired with the amazing lifestyle that they enjoy working in Barcelona. It’s a lovely city with great weather, that’s why more and more Germans are choosing Barcelona to live and work. If you are a German speaker you are lucky: as there are not many people speaking your native language, you will have plenty of opportunities to find jobs in Barcelona for Germans. Actually, we are in search of German-speaking Customer Advisors. Work in Barcelona for global brands from the innovative @22 district, very close to the sea, with an international atmosphere. In times of lockdowns, quarantine and mobility restrictions, working in an foreign company with people from around the globe is a way of staying in contact with other #cityjobbers and citizens of the world.


We have more Jobs in Barcelona for Germans! If you are a wizard at Customer Service and the prospect of working in your native language for top growing companies excites you, we have a Barcelona job offer for you. We are in search of Customer Service Representatives to offer assistance and information to clients in your native language, apply in one step. We offer you a great position with an international work environment in sunny Barcelona.


According to an international survey with business students from 23 different countries, 89% said that they would be prepared to move to a different country for the right job opportunity. And there is more: 80% of those also expressed they expect to live in 3/6 countries along their career. The study showed that employment was the primary motivation to make a move overseas while another study found out that 55% of centennials were currently considering changing countries. If this sounds like you, you are in the right place. 


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