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Barcelona: among the best cities in the world to live and work in 2021

barcelona city to live

Barcelona: among the best cities in the world to live and work in 2021

Why Barcelona ranked 7 best city brand in the world


After analysing more than 200 cities with over a million inhabitants -taken into account new Covid19 related factors- an study describes Barcelona as the eighth best city in the world. International firm Resonance –specialized in tourism, real estate and economic development of the cities- ranked Barcelona 8th in their annual The World’s Best Cities 2021 report, which tops the catalan capital as one of the greatest cities to live, work and invest.

The ranking established two main attributes to attract talent and visitors: prosperity and opportunity. We hope you enjoy reading this blog post about why Barcelona is an ideal European city to live and work in 2021. In addition, Barcelona is the 7 best city brand in the world, which means that finding a job in Barcelona adds a relevant international experience to your career journey. 

Barcelona, the place to live and work in 2021

Want to see who is on the list? Read on to learn The World’s Best Cities 2021 ranking: Barcelona comes only after London, New York, Paris, Moscow, Tokyo, Dubai and Singapore. After Barcelona comes Los Angeles, ninth, and Madrid, tenth, closing the Top 10 of this year’s edition.


This is how the North American consulting company describes Barcelona in its annual The World’s Best Cities 2021 Report: We can safely say that Barcelona’s image hasn’t worsened in this unprecedented situation. In this article, we tell you how Barcelona got the eighth place among the best cities in the world to live and work besides the Coronavirus crisis. If Ihe next step in your career is Barcelona, find your opportunity with us! We have an ideal job offer for you to work in Barcelona in your native language. Get your opportunity here. 

Lifestyle, natural surroundings and identity

Which factors classify Barcelona as the 8th best city in the world to live and work? It’s location is a must, on the Mediterranean coast. Seaside and mountainous at the same time, Barcelona’s landscape has it all. Sure, then comes the great weather, with sunny skies and nice temperature year round. Enjoy really clear and  warm days even in the winter season. Local identity is also important: you can appreciate authentic neighbourhoods with their own culture.

Guess where the city really stands out according to users’ opinion… in Nightlife. Most of them adored Barcelona’s festivals and musical scene. They will be waiting for that in the upcoming months. 

Why you will love living and working in Barcelona

To build this ranking, the report analyses up to 25 factors in 6 essential categories. Place: city’s natural and built environments, the parks and outdoors, the sights and landmarks, the weather, the safety and the number of Covid-19 infections per million. Infrastructures, airport connectivity, museums, universities and convention centres also matter. People: the diversity of the city’s population based on indicators as the percentage of foreign-born residents. The distribution of income in a population, the unemployment rate. The number of cultural shows, the nightlife, the restaurants and the shopping offer. Finally, the ranking also analyses the promotion of the city and its ability to tell its story, especially, online. 

Barcelona: popular on search trends

The Google search trends and volume, the Instagram hashtags and the number of opinions shared are some of the metrics that are evaluated. The ranking uses a methodology that combines standard metrics with user-generated data and Facebook check-ins.

Barcelona: a strong brand 

Saffron City Brand Barometer 2020 is a report revealing which cities have built the strongest brands to attract tourists from around the world. Barcelona is a strong brand that attracts both domestic and international visitors, as well as global candidates. Saffron City Brand Barometer is a tool to assess what creates a strong tourism brand for a city. This ranking aims to highlight the importance for cities to foster a great reputation as a place to visit, explore attractions, and embrace the local culture.  

Barcelona stands out as a robust tourism brand that earned high scores when its assets and reputation data points were taken into consideration together with its vast number of attractions, low crime index and even high levels of annual sun hours. All of these have contributed to a positive perception amongst international tourists that brought Barcelona into the top 10: It’s number 7. So it’s the perfect destination to live, enjoy and work in your native language. Be part of a multicultural team in sunny Barcelona. Send your CV.


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