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Make a list of the steps to follow, facilitates and motivates the job search, allowing us to go, step by step, along the path we take when we look for a job.?
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7 steps every job seeker should follow

The job search is a job in itself, which takes time and dedication to carry it out, like any other job.

During the searching process, every job seeker must have clear, some important steps, that we must develop before, during and after it, since all this information will serve to adapt it to each Recruitment process we sign it up for.

Making a list of those steps that answer to: How to start a job search?, facilitates and motivates the search, allowing us to go, step by step, along the path we take when we seek employment.

Steps to follow:

  1. Go beyond the traditional employment portals and look for Job search engine, aggregators, vertical networks and recruitment companies that fit with your profile, company and job you’re looking for. As much places your profile is, as many opportunities you will get.
  2. Stay informed of the offers, courses and tutorials of the job search help centers in your local area. Take a look at the next link, where you can see a job search help portal, like “Barcelona activa” in Barcelona-Spain, , and look for the equivalent in your city.
  3. Seek for professional guidance if you are not clear about the type of job you would like to find. A personal coach, is an excellent option.
  4. Analyze your Résumé, adapt it to what you are looking for.Read the Job offers thoroughly, and adapt your Résumé to them.Highlight the keywords of what you are doing in terms of work, so that is easy to understand your profile and adapt it to the Job position to which you are applying.Remember, your Résumé, is not the only one, it is just one, from hundreds that arrive at the hands of a Recruiter when he/she publish a Job offer.Be attractive, easy to read, visually hook he/she up with the right words, to qualify you better among the pre-selected.
  5. Sign up for training courses that improve your profile. Think about everything that you have lacked of to develop in previous work to make you a much more attractive profile for the labor market.
  6. Set up your social networks. Take a look this ways to improve it.
  7. Your cover letter on the networks, is your Biography (Bio), and the first impression, your profile´s photo. Must be recent, front size, and your expression has to reflects confidence, positive attitude, and security to each person who see it (Ask for feedback to your relatives about it, before to choose the definite one ).Configure the Bio, with the keywords that define what you professionally do.

This helps Recruiters, whose search for profiles in networks, to find you easily.

With these steps, do not doubt that the journey of the Job search process will be more effective, you will invest your time better, you will facilitate the search, and the road to success will be more focused.

Check it out by yourself!

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