5 plans to make the most of this alternative Easter Holiday
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5 ideas to get the best of this unusual Easter Holiday

5 ideas to get the best of this unusual Easter Holiday

5 plans to make the most of this alternative Easter Holiday

It’s Easter Holiday! And more free time is never a bad thing. If you are full of video hangs and webinars, join us #cityjobber with this #stayathome plans to disconnect from work. Happy Easter All!


At this point,, we have no idea when we will be able to travel abroad again. But, in the meantime, we can bring the world to our home. The digital planet provides us immense offers. Here are some ideas for you #cityjobbers: you can enjoy around the world virtual tours, 360-degree videos and multicultural experiences to rest from work during this alternative Easter Holiday. 


Also, there are plenty of free online concerts and Top World museums offering online collections and interactive experiences. Let’s share plans to make the most of this alternative Easter Holiday. From bringing out the artist inside you to digital theatre. Follow these ideas to de-estrés and disconnect from work. From your living room to New York, London, París, Marbella and world wide.


Draw with MoMA


If you want to make the most of this #stayathome holiday, enter into a creative isolation phase. Whether that means to you online drawing lessons or learning to play an instrument, let’s start. If you are with your family during Quarantine, the great MoMA Museum of New York offers online artistic activities to do at home. They’ve rounded up some of their favorite drawing, collage, and movement activities inspired by works of art from MoMA collection. Activity 1 is drawing ideas: Are you looking for creative ways to occupy your time that don’t involve a screen? They give you nine prompts that should keep kids and older busy and motivated. After that they suggest simple activities that you can do with paper, drawing materials, and tape. 


If you are interested in taking online drawing lessons, check these great youtube classes from the London artist Noel Basualdo. She teaches how to draw faces for beginners and landscape painting tutorial for several levels


Participate in listening experiences


Yes, of course, there are plenty of Live Stream and also more underground musical proposals. Many artists are very inspired during the lockdown. For example, audio artist Antoine Bertin is hearing the virus. He decoded COVID-19 to make a melody from the genome. Turning it into a sequence, repeating these notes 30,000 times and arranging them in a way that correlates with the spread of the pandemic. “Once decoded, the genome of Covid is a short text compared to 3 billion DNA of the human genome”, specifies the French artist. And there is more: you can use the melody to relax and meditate on the current situation. “I am creating a series of audio meditations from home to explore what the situation may teach us and inspire us to do.” Brillant.


Digital culture


For those missing galleries and nature, you can do both taking the virtual tour Among the Trees at Hayward Gallery, guided by Director Ralph Rugoff. You can also subscribe for the latest videos from Royal Festival Hall, Queen Elizabeth Hall and Purcell Room that are all part from the London Southbank Centre. If you want to go more indie, check out Curzon Home Cinema; for classics, watch Hamlet at the Globe. 


Learn a new language and cook it!


If French is the language that comes first to your mind, you can sing to Frantastique, the free online programme to learn French by Le Monde newspaper. It’s simple, funny and very accurate. These days of #quarantine, many media and publishing houses are providing online quality content free of charge. As well as famous chefs are sharing their secrets and recipes. If you want to learn Spanish, follow the hashtag  #YoCocinoEnCasa where local talents as Dani García (three Michelin stars and creator of the coolest restaurant in Madrid, Lobito de Mar) prepare regional specialities. From Marbella, he teaches how to cook an unforgettable arroz con ibéricos, setas y piquillos. 


Travel online 


There is a new way to discover natural parks from Argentina. Some are world-famous destinations, others are hidden gems. Mountains, valleys, forests, lakes, deserts, glaciers, jungles, and waterfalls along with incredible flora and fauna in 360 virtual travel experiences. 


And you #cityjobber where are you e-travelling? In this quirky #Easter try some of these and find a new way to travel. Change the plan, but never the goal.


#StayAtHome #StayPositive #NeverGiveUp #Travelling #CityJobOffers

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